3- 2- 1- Blast Off!!!

The SciFi Expo 2018 opened on Saturday to huge crowds of eager fans! There was an unprecedented 70 people gathered to hear the opening speech made by Kirk Wingtips, Merky, Debbydo, and Varahi Lusch, after which Varahi whipped out her katana and sliced through the ceremonial ribbon, coming suspiciously close to Merky’s left ear.

Opening Speech

Welcome to the SciFi Expo 2018!

We are delighted to be here with you today in celebration of science fiction and fantasy and the wonderful creativity in Second Life!

Our main aim for the Expo is to support The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life of Second Life and help raise money for support programs and services for cancer survivors and caregivers to help in prevention and early detection, and to fund vital cancer research as we move forward toward finding a cure.

Whatever scifi franchise is your favorite, I’m sure you can think of a few actors/actresses who have lost their lives to cancer… DeForest Kelley, Majel Barrett, Richard Hatch, Alan Rickman, Alec Guinness, Wes Craven, Andreas Katsulas, John Hurt, Elisabeth Sladen, Peter Cushing….

So while you travel our four sims enjoying the many brilliant booths and wonderful shows we have to offer, please remember to also donate at the RFL kiosks all around the Expo-grounds.

So without further ado, we hereby declare the SciFi Expo 2018 officially open!

And then the Lightning Strikes tribute band played The Beatles for an hour and we all danced.  🙂

Things to Come

The 2018 SciFi Expo promises to fill the next week with wonderful, magical, spectacular, out-of-this-world shows. You’ll be treated to dances, concerts, live singers, games, contests, cabaret shows, and combat to the death!

In between all that, there are 4 full sims bursting at the seams with shopping! Need a new tribble or lightsaber? You’ll probably find one here somewhere.  🙂

So welcome, everyone, to the SciFi Expo 2018!

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