And Then the Expo Happened…

Well, it’s now a few weeks after the SciFi Expo has actually ended. A few people told me I really dropped the ball on this blog site, and they’re absolutely right. I bit off more than I could chew with the workload I gave myself. 🙂 Next time we’ll have to hire more help, but for now I’ll stay focused on the positives. We really did have a radical, awesome Expo and I think everyone really enjoyed it! You all made it successful beyond my wildest expectations!

The booths were fresh and updated! The entertainments were exciting acts that we’ve never seen at a Con or Expo before! We did miss a few old shows like the Milky Way Cabaret that for personal reasons of their own could not make the Expo, but the new talent filled in the holes admirably!

Most Popular Booth

The ‘Most Popular Booth’ contest was stupendously successful, bringing in more than 150,000L$!!! The winners were:

  1. Star Wars Roleplay
  2. Museum of Nuclear Warfare
  3. Triscalia

Congratulations to them and to everyone for the truly hard work you put in!

Official and Unofficial Totals

“Officially” the SciFi Expo RFL Team brought in 601,217L$. That is a tremendous sum that far exceeded my expectations.

In addition to that, the people up at “The Ritz” ballroom generated more that 100,000L$ of their own. Their kiosks were set to a different Team and so do not officially count towards the Expo total, but the money was made at the Expo and went to the same place. So we also thank them for their tremendous and tireless efforts! In addition, we paid over 250,000L$ to rent the Expo sims for 13 days, and though that money didn’t go to RFL, we raised it! That brings the unofficial total to around 1,000,000 L$!!!

Every single one of you deserves a hearty congratulatory pat on the back!


We had started a new Flickr site for the Expo and a bunch of you joined. I have to tell you, the pictures you guys uploaded are just fantastic! They are so wonderfully artistic and whimsical, they tell the story of the Expo far better than my feeble words here. If you haven’t visited the site, it’s HERE.

Thank You’s

I do need to take just a little space to thank all the people that helped make the Expo the huge success it was. There are literally dozens to list, and I am guaranteed to forget some very important ones, so I will just say THANK YOU to the wonderful people that built the sims, organized the shows, performed the acts, and were my support when I was on the edge of madness. 🙂 Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So Long and Thanks for the Fish!



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