Another Promo Released

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Another Promo Released

Over on our YouTube Channel, our PR and Marketing assistant for Social Media, Ms. Evelyn Colling Zelenko, has once again edited another promo,
based on a radio promo originally made by the Gorean Whip Radio.
You can see the promo for yourselves here on this link below.

Here a small fact of curiosity: Promotional videos for an expo like the Sci-Fi
Expo had been last made in 2011 by the now sadly gone Treet TV.
That was until or PR and Marketing Assistant for Social Media had the idea to bring back those kinds of promos, in order to get the attention of the
residents, wanting to visit the expo.

The Sci-Fi Expo, like the video says, goes until October the 28th with
exhibitors, DJ’s and live performers, dance shows and so much more.

Keep tuned to our blog for more info about the Expo and new promo videos.

Irish Breen

11 months ago

Again, what a great team:) Excellent Evelyn!! Thank you!! <3 You are so Talented! Thank you for all your hard work!

Spiffy Voxel

11 months ago

FYI, that’s my voice in the video. 😀 I’m the advertising production manager at Gorean Whip Radio, and cooked up the audio earlier this week, which is playing on the station for the duration of the Expo.

(Readers of this blog may also know me as the tall blue rainbow-speckled alien who performed the Opening Ceremony on Wednesday, with assistance from Expo lead Benjamin Brougham.)

Great job on the video, Evelyn. I spotted you at DJ Bastet’s set after the opening ceremony, hadn’t realized you were filming! 😮 So yeah, I have a brief appearance in the video too. 😀

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