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Volunteer Openings

For Immediate Release
July 19, 2020

Come be part of the 2020 SciFi Expo team! Coming back for the third time after taking a hiatus, the 2020 SciFi Expo is benefitting the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer campaign through the American Cancer Society in Second Life.

We are looking for dedicated volunteers to help us organize various different aspects of the event.

(More positions will be opening up closer to the event such as: Greeters, Hosts, Bloggers, and more)

Please be aware that we do require the use of Discord for all volunteer positions as a primary way of communication.

Listed below are the positions we are looking to fill:

Events Coordinator (Filled)

The Events Coordinator coordinates entertainment and events for the Expo (Live Music, Dance/Theatre shows, and more.) This role requires a person who can dedicate time to pre-planning, and also time during the Expo to ensure that the Events section runs smoothly.

PR & Marketing Coordinator (Filled)

  • Oversees the PR & Marketing team, and ensures that the team is fulfilling its duties. 
  • Responsible for arranging press releases, and the distribution of them.
  • Works to arrange media partnerships with magazines, blogs, radio stations, and other media outlets to promote the SciFi Expo.
  • Works closely with the lead admin to ensure that the Expo’s mission is carried through by media partners.

PR & Marketing Assistant (Social Media) (Filled)

  • Coordinates early blogging/press day with the Lead Admin & the Events Coordinator.
  • Seeks out bloggers, and works with them to promote the Expo.
  • Ensure that bloggers are following the blogging guidelines provided by the Expo.
  • Coordinates the posting on social media, and in Second Life of important information relating to the Expo. 

PR & Marketing Assistant (Exhibitors & Sponsors)

  • Works with exhibitors to ensure that their information is correct, and if needed obtains further information that may be needed by the Expo.
  • Ensures that sponsors are properly receiving their benefits.
  • Updates and maintains the exhibitor section of the website.

Volunteer Form

While we welcome you to sign up for areas that interest you, we recommend not applying for more than two areas as we do not want you to feel overwhelmed, or use up all of your time.

We will reach out to you to discuss the area(s) you have chosen, and to make sure that it’s the right fit for both you and us.

yedidya Hirschhorn

9 months ago


The SciFi Expo is a fundraising event held in Second Life to benefit the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides campaign. You too can make a difference, Make a Donation Today!

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is the American Cancer Society's premier event to raise awareness and funds to fight breast cancer. Learn More